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Story Development

Your brand is more than simply a great logo, a high converting website or more followers on Instagram.  If you don't have a powerful story to tell, more social media followers aren't going to build you a robust business.

The top brands in the world tell a powerful story.  With over 4 Billion people online visiting over 1 billion websites every day, what sets you apart from the rest?   A better question is, what story are you telling?

Every touch point of the customer experience and how they think about, feel and talk about your brand – IS your brand.  Not just what you say it is.

what are you doing to influence The conversation?

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According to the Marketing Research Association, only 40% of developed products make it to market and about 25% make any revenue at all.  The other three quarters of product launches are either underfunded false starts, legitimate experiments for market research or simply complete failures.  

The critical mindset for approaching product creation that will make or break the success of your campaign is how you begin and how you adapt.  The difference between a successful launch of a great product and a failure is in the way you manage the dynamics of creation and adaptation.

Growth Velocity

The measurement of increase in size & quantity and it's change over time is how growth velocity is measured. The velocity at which great stories are formed, developed and launched into the world is how we measure the growth velocity of your brand.

We work with brands to unleash hidden story power to build magnetic media that engages audiences and delivers results.

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